IoT Water Quality Monitoring System

Core Technologies

WEKOTEC developed the new type ‘Micro Syringe Pump Module’ (Korea Paten Number : 10-1653661) for minimizing sample reagent loss or water leak when the measuring process is taking place. The new type ‘Micro Syringe Pump Module’ has All-in-One Process : Sample/reagent constant injection, Heating under high pressure and temperature, Pre-processing, Mixing sample/reagent and Cooling. By using this module WEKOTEC products apply a micro-step control process and is able to control the sample/reagent measurements

1Micro Syringe Pump
  • Saving the cost through in-house development
  • Improving measurement accuracy
  • Realizing optimized the structure by combining pre-processing device, pump and value in a single module
2Optimized Structure of the Machine
  • Improving convenience of maintenance
  • Reduced the consumption of sample/reagent and amount of waste water by more than 80% of the standard of Korea-Water-Quality-Process
  • Smaller and lighter than any other company’s products : 1 person movement and installation is available
Micro Syringe Pump

Product Competitiveness

1Compact Design
  • Product dimensions40% of products of competitors’ products
  • Weight35% of products of competitors’ products
2Minimizing Measurement Error
  • WEKOTEC ProductsMeasurement error less than 1%
  • Competitors’ ProductsMeasurement error 2% or higher
  • WEKOTEC ProductsManufacturing with local-made components
                                                           (localization ratio 99%)
  • Competitors’ ProductsLocalization ratio less than 70%
4Sample/Reagent Consumption
  • WEKOTEC ProductsMonthly reagent consumption : 1 ~ 2 liters
  • Competitors’ ProductsMonthly reagent consumption : 5 ~ 10 liters
Product Competitiveness

Product Composition

Product Composition

PC Part

  • Wide Touch Screen(10.2Inch)

  • GUI for user’s convenience(Graphical User Interface)

Control Part

  • Compact main board (230(W)×150(H)mm)

  • AC/DC output


  • POLYCARBONATE inspection window

Analysis Part

  • Pre-processing Micro Syringe Pump Module
  • Sample/Reagent constant injection
  • Heating under high pressure and temperature, Cooling


  • Aligned with the syringe pump
    (Optimizing quantitative injection by minimizing external factors)

  • Minimized reagent injection
Product Composition